• CORE


    West Coast IPA

    ABV: 7.2% • IBUs: 75 • Availability: Year-round

    West Coast style IPA created for our good friends and fellow hopheads at Revel. Expect big juicy citrus, tropical, and pine aromas and flavors and an crisp refreshing finish. Made with all local Michigan hops.

    REVEL ROUSER | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    American Brown Ale

    ABV: 7% • IBUs: 45 • Availability: Year-round

    Our award winning classic American brown ale with roast character from dark malts as well as an additional spice complexity from the use of rye malt.

    ‘MURICAN BROWN RYE | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Imperial IPA

    ABV: 8.4% • IBUs: 85 • Availability: Year-round

    Simple grain bill of pale and Munich malts let the hops shine through like a ray of light after a tropical storm. Expect big tropical fruit and citrus notes balanced out by a solid malt backbone. Hops used include Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook that are infused into the beer using a hopback.

    TROPIC THUNDER | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    American Pale Ale

    ABV: 5.5% • IBUs: 40 • Availability: Year-round

    Classic example of an American Pale Ale. Showcasing a great malt balance with some bready Munich malt notes. Cascade and Amarillo hops lend to a spicy citrus flavor and finish.

    POCKET CHANGE | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Cream Ale

    ABV: 5% • IBUs: 18 • Availability: Year-round

    Pre-prohibition style cream ale that uses flaked maize to enhance its body and mouth feel. This was the most popular style of beer prior to prohibition before the light lagers took over the world. Named after the classic motorcycle engine.

    SHOVELHEAD | Ratings, Reviews & Photos


    21 GUNS

    Hoppy American Wheat

    ABV: 5.5% • IBUs: 45 • Availability: Year-round

    Our bold, patriotic 21 gun hop salute. This beer is quickly becoming a favorite in the taproom. The Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops combine to create an awesome blend of citrus and tropical tastes and aromas. “The Best Beer in America”- Our Customers

    21 GUNS | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    American Stout

    ABV: 7.2% • IBUs: 55 • Availability: Year-round

    Thick and bold from the use of dark roasted barley and flaked oats. Darker than the soot from the chimney of a mid-century foundry. Expect flavors of roast coffee and bittersweet chocolate.

    FOUNDRY SLAG ON DECK | Ratings, Reviews & Photos




    ABV: 5.2% • IBUs: 30 • Availability: Year-round

    German style ale made with all German Schill Cologne malt and German Perle hops. Crisp and refreshing with a balanced but very noticeable noble hop character.

    KICK ASS | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Imperial IPA

    ABV: 8.1% • IBUs: 80 • Availability: Year-round

    Flaked oats are used in the brewing of this beer. The oats add an added smoothness to the finish despite the beer being a dry and hoppy West coast style Imperial IPA with loads of Cascade and Centennial hops.

    OATS 'N HOES | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Oatmeal Stout

    ABV: 5.2% • IBUs: 25 • Availability: Year-round

    A classic oatmeal stout with rich roasty chocolate and coffee notes with a smooth creamy finish from the use of flaked oats.

    ROLL 'N OATS  | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    American Pale Ale

    ABV: 4.8% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Rotational

    Sessionable American pale ale made with Patagonian pale malt and Cascade and Mosaic hops that lend great fruity notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

    PROSPECT ON TAP | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Double IPA

    ABV: 10% • IBUs: 110+ • Availability: Rotational

    Hops jammed in a glass! Rich malt flavors balance the Mosaic and Centennial hops. Served in an 10oz snifter glass.

    NEANDERTHAL ON DECK | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Red India Pale Ale

    ABV: 7.3% • IBUs: 75 • Availability: One Time

    Red india pale ale that is made with rye malt for a slight spiciness. Dank hops complement the complex malt notes. 




    ABV: 5% • IBUs: 8 • Availability: Rotational

    This is a German style wheat beer made with a kettle souring technique using lactobacillus that creates a mild acidity in the beer. Per tradition, sea salt and coriander are added to the boil. The sea salt creates a savory salinity and the coriander lends complex citrus notes of grapefruit of lemon zest.

    WATCH US GOSE! | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Russian Imperial Stout

    ABV: 9.1% • IBUs: 80 • Availability: Rotational

    Big and bold and with heavy roasted notes just like a great RIS is supposed to have. This beer pays homage to rocker Ronnie James Dio whom made the rockhand popular.

    RJD | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Coffee Brown Ale

    ABV: 7.7% • IBUs: 30 • Availability: Limited

    A rich brown ale that is brewed using actual coffee from our friend and neighbor Drip Drop Drink. We steeped an insane amount of freshly roasted coffee beans in the finished beer. Chocolate and roasted malts blend together with the coffee to create a great taste experience that should keep you wide awake too! We serve this beer on nitro for a smooth cold brew experience.

    DRIP DROP DRUNK | Ratings, Reviews & Photos


    9TH HOUR

    Imperial Smoked Porter

    ABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 45 • Availability: Limited

    Cherry wood smoked malt lends to the rich backbone of this imperial porter. Brewed to commemorate a fire that took place in our building in 1923 that took the lives of several fire fighters.

    9TH HOUR | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Belgian IPA

    ABV: 7% • IBUs: 65 • Availability: Rotational

    Belgian IPA made with Pilsner malt for a crisp malt body along with a special Belgian Monastic yeast that ties together its own fruity esters with the intense fruit notes of Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops.

    MENACE | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Imperial Brown Ale

    ABV: 8% • IBUs: 80 • Availability: Rotational

    Big bold and hoppy Imperial Brown Ale that was brewed in memory of our friend and partner.



    Dry Irish Stout

    ABV: 5% • IBUs: 25 • Availability: Rotational

    Traditional dry Irish Stout. Fermented with Irish ale yeast. Brewed with UK roasted barley and pale malts. True to style with a dry roasty finish.



    Belgian Golden Strong

    ABV: 8.8% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Rotational

    True to its roots made with our house Belgian yeast blend along with Belgian malt and Czech Saaz hops. Expect slight bubblegum and mild clove and banana yeast esters and a dry warming finish.

    PERILOUS | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Imperial Wheat Beer

    ABV: 9% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: One Time

    We took everyones favorite Spring/Summer seasonal and kicked it up a notch to an 9% Imperial level and then aged it in Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey Barrels. The sweet orange peel creates a great balance to the whiskey notes creating almost an Old Fashioned in a beer glass.

    IMPERIAL ORANGE JULIUS | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Belgian Stout

    ABV: 6.8% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Rotational

    Full bodied stout fermented with a Belgian yeast blend that finishes dry and smooth true to Belgian Style.

    NOTORIOUS | Ratings, Reviews & Photos




    ABV: 5.2% • IBUs: 25 • Availability: One Time

    A jet black version of our traditional German Kolsch made with all authentic malts and hops.

    BLACK KOLSCH SUN | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    IPA with Peaches

    ABV: 6.8% • IBUs: 55 • Availability: One Time

    India Pale Ale made with Michigan grown peaches. Peaches were used in both the whirlpool and the brite tank along with Amarillo and Idaho 7 hops to accentuate the flavors and aromas of stone fruit and citrus.

    IMPEACH | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Pale Ale

    ABV: 6% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Rotational

    Balanced malt profile of Pilsner and Pale malts that was made using Moroccan lemon peel and whole cone Huell Melon hops in our hopback.

    LEMON HAZE | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Pale Ale w/ Fruit

    ABV: 6% • IBUs: 45 • Availability: Rotational

    Balanced malt profile of Marris Otter Pale malt that was made using a huge amount of grapefruit peel.




    Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

    ABV: 8% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Winter

    Rich imperial milk stout base with Belgian cocoa powder is added to the beer during the brewing process along with lactose sugar. The beer is then aged on vanilla beans and cocoa nibs.

    MAD CACAO DISEASE | Ratings, Reviews & Photos





    Belgian Wheat

    ABV: 5.8% • IBUs: 25 • Availability: Spring/Summer

    This popular Summer Belgian style wheat ale is brewed using sweet orange peel and whole vanilla beans. The mouth feel comes from the use of lactose. We ferment with our house Belgian yeast strain.

    ORANGE JULIUS | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Spiced Winter Warmer

    ABV: 8% • IBUs: 40 • Availability: Winter

    Snurfer was brewed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Snurfer which was the original snowboard. An Old Ale base is balanced by cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, juniper, and ginger.

    SNURFER| Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Scottish Strong Ale

    ABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Seasonal

    This beer is designed to be malt forward showcasing a complex grain bill full of European crystal malts. Full bodied with a rich warming mouth feel.

    FAT GUY LITTLE KILT| Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Black IPA

    ABV: 7.5% • IBUs: 80 • Availability: Fall/Winter Seasonal

    Dark roasted malts are used in the mash to create the intense dark color. Rye malt is used to add a complex spiciness. This beer provides a bold, piney, and resinous hop profile. Hops include Nugget, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, Chinook, and Falconers Flight.

    WICKED 6 BLACK | Ratings, Reviews & Photos



    Pumpkin Ale

    ABV: 7% • IBUs: 30 • Availability: Fall

    Pumpkin ale brewed with real pumkpin & punk’d up with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & vanilla.

    PUNK 'N ROCK | Ratings, Reviews & Photos




    ABV: 6% • IBUs: 35 • Availability: Fall

    Traditional malty amber colored German lager brewed to be enjoyed ever fall. Made will all German malts and hops.